I just can’t help smiling big.

I’ve been happy these past few days because of BUUu. Like him, I’m smiling ears to ears. 😛 We’ve been sending messages to each other the whole weekend and until now (Monday), and I dunno but I feel elated. Like, no matter how stressed and problematic my previous days were, he still manages to brighten my day.

Okay, I’m not only smiling, I do grin at times, and blush and blush and blush, and giggle and BAAAM, all other happy feelings. So, he said his friend Rob says hello, and I was surprised why the hell he knows about me, (acting ignorant and liking it). I told him to say hello with a question like “so you told your friends about me?” and he replied saying, “yes, i had mentioned you more than once to them“. Geeh, what a hunkie point he made for that. 🙂 All I could do is sigh and say “God, what’s with this guy that I like so much” and “God, whatever it is, thank you for sending him” and “God, I love luminary.” (why?) That’s where I found him, OOOOPps, I mean that’s where he found me. 🙂

He’s rollercoastering with friends and his sister, and I soooooooo wish I was there with him. 😦

thank God you found me Bubu, can’t wait to be with you… *grins*

smootches buuuuuuuuuuu


~ by Asian Butterfly on August 10, 2009.

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