Fairy Godmother’s Fault 1

“I don’t wanna argue anymore. You don’t understand me anyway.” said the fairy godmother to the young princess.

“I can comprehend every single thing that you say. I don’t let the words enter my right ear and leave on the left. You know better, you raised me eversince I was an infant. It’s just that I can’t stop myself falling for the frog godmother.” explained the princess in between her sobs.

The two were arguing about the princess’s stupid acts of continuously taming the frog who did nothing but to flirt with the flies. “It’s her fault anyway.” she said to herself, blaming her fairy godmother who used to read a book about a princess who kissed a frog who became a gorgeous prince.

“This is all my fault. I should’ve let you understand that that was just a story I made. You loved grilling the helpless frogs when you were young, and so I thought of writing that book. So that you’ll protect animals, not to tame and love them like how you should love a prince.”

“Well, what about the little prince who tamed the fox?” asked the princess who couldn’t believe what her fairy godmother was saying.

“That is another story dearie, that speaks of friendship, that speaks of platonic love.” explained the godmother while slowly putting the stars back to the sky.

“Whatever you say godmother, when I turn 18, I am going to kiss that frog in the pond. He’ll turn into a prince, and I am going to marry him.” said the princess who curiously watched the glittering stars in the dark.

So, obviously, the fairy godmother was not able to convince her god daughter. She went on believing that someday her frog will turn into a prince of dazzling charm.


~ by Asian Butterfly on August 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Fairy Godmother’s Fault 1”

  1. I wrote the following poem years ago during the first couple of years I began writing in earnest after my father’s death and though that you would enjoy reading it…

    My Darling Cyber-Princess,

    As I sit here all alone upon my Lilly pad
    listening to the waves as they lap upon the bank
    while gazing into the starry heavens far above
    a smile alights upon my lips as I think of you

    Oh how I love the way you say my name Froggy
    whenever I hear the sound of your voice
    it never fails to send chills up and down my back
    and send me into a fit of ribits, rib-it! rib-it! rib-it!

    While gazing upon the moon so very far away
    as its bright yet soft beams of light caress the earth
    all I can see is the brighter light of your smile
    as my heart skips a beat or two as I gaze into your eyes

    Recalling the twinkle in your eyes and your impish grin
    shivering at thoughts of your kiss that turned me into a prince
    though only for a night turning back into a frog at dawn
    my heart about to burst at the sweet memory of holding you

    O —– the most beautiful Cyber-Princess in all of Cyber-space
    hardly can I wait until you come to visit me again
    awaiting your sweet kiss to become your Prince once more
    the very thought of dancing with you sets my heart afire!

    O my darling Princess please come back real soon I beg you!!!!

    Copyright Dabir Dalton August 30, 2009

    • ohmygee! I just loooooooove this. Thank you so much for sharing. It reminds me of the day when i turned 8, the time when I started taking care of a tadpole, and waited for it to become a frog, a frog prince, goodness. haha :p

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