You can be an ass!

Paranoia is attacking me. I feel soooooooo DAMN BAD! I’MWORRIEDSICKABOUTMYBUUU!!! Is it wrong to be so worried? Like, the thing is “Cousin’s Girlfriend” saw an international news about a ROLLERCOSTER accident in America, and of course I went frantic because BUuu told me he’s goin’ rollercostering with close friends. Okay, maybe I was a bit over reacting because I don’t exactly know what state, but the thing is he haven’t texted eversince the last time he told me he’d go. I tried ringing his phone, no answer and then voice mail. After a few hours, I tried ringing it again, no answer again and then voice mail. When I woke up this morning, it wasn’t ringing anymore, it’s just his voice mail again and again, and yeah I’m so stupid listening to it over and over and over again. So, I tried sending him a message on ym, I got no reply, not even a blank message. I remembered his last messages, like he said he’s in a life loving situation and it doesn’t happen often. Like he’s in a good mood because I’ve been on his mind and he’s going rollercostering. I don’t know what to feel. Is he just busy again? Is he just not in the mood again? I’m fuckin’ clueless and I’m hating it! The devil in me is screamin’ some negative thoughts and I can’t help but cry. You know, I’d kick your ass when I get there. You really can be an ass sometimes. I’m still worried. Two years BUUu, you promised. I can’t raise a penguin on my own!!!


~ by Asian Butterfly on August 12, 2009.

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