BUUu <3

Note: I transfered this from my other blog. (August 4, 2009)

I called you up tonight, apparently your not yet home. I hate to knoe that you’re still not home when I knoe you should be home by that time, and I was like appalled to heart Matt’s voice over the phone, like okay fine, so you left you phone again, and I dunno why you’re too good. Sigh, Okay I don’t have to understand why, because that’s you, and I just love that, but then, like you knoe I would be waiting, and why did you left the phone when you said you’d be texting me when you wake up, like I even sent you a message last midnight.
And I dun feel well right now, like I feel kinda upset. Geeeh, I need you now Buuu. 😦 and needing you scares the hell out of me.
Sumthing stupid happened in the office again, and it’s like OMFG, why the hell do I still work here. Gaaah, I sooooo wanna go, but mum said I should enjoy my last days in the company, and that’s what i’ve been trying. I wish I could pull the days closer… 😦
Anyway, I hope you’re fine hunnie. I knoe you’re tired, and needs a good long sleep, but sleep on your bed, not on the cuch ‘coz you might hurt your back again kay?
So, i’ll see you when I see you. Cheer up, am here for you, like I knoe you’re here for me. Uhmm, I’m happy, you’re too good. try to smile bubu… shnuggles and smootches and more more…


~ by Asian Butterfly on August 13, 2009.

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