Bus Ride Home

Here I am, in the bus right now. It’s twelve thirty and on my way to the place where I could be naked with the artificial comforts of life. Where I could at least be half true to myself since I would be with the people who knows me well more than anyone else does. The people who knows when I need time to just lock myself in my room without being disturbed. From the window, I couldn’t see the velvet black sky clearly, but then there’s this one star that shines brightly millions of feet above the dimlit parallel lined posts that gives light to a road that I could not recognize. I could also see trucks, cars and buses on the other lane of the road, and it made me wonder why the passengers, drivers and everyone else inside those vehicles wanted to go to the worldly city of tall buildings and polluted skylines. I wonder why they can’t seem to stop themselves from wanting to trudge the busy road of the city that I would gladly give up without second thought as soon as I get the very first chance.


~ by Asian Butterfly on August 21, 2009.

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