Whiskey And A Gun

“I did it for love, because she said she’s never leaving. I trusted her, God if you are true, you know I loathe that word. Trust. It makes me wanna puke everytime I utter it. Trust. Look at me God, I’m vomitting already. Trust. Screw you Diana, damn that word, trust. Burn in hell. God. Screw you God for making me feel how to love. Screw you more for letting me learn how to trust.” Alberto said to himself while blankly staring at the two rusty rounded metal chains that made his left hand bleeding.

He is locked alone behind the bars for three days now after being caught by the policemen while he was on his way to work. He felt he didn’t deserve that kind of suffering, it is something that is close to eternal damnation. His hands bleeding, heart aching, hardly breathing, wounded, shattered, lost and stuck in the sea of nothingness and hatred.

He was a good man. He lived a simple life in the small town called Palma de Mallorca in Spain. Paid his bills monthly, and did extra jobs aside from working as a bell boy in a small Italian restaurant. He had ordinary dreams, having his own house with a wife who will welcome him home every night with the warmth of love and two little angels who would wrap both of their arms around his legs. When he met Diana, he knew, he thought, his dream was one step away, and good heavens, he felt extremely happy.

It was a breezy Sunday afternoon, he was contented sitting on his armchair sipping on his cold pulped pineapple juice waiting for the sun to hide on the mountains. He was savouring the gentle kisses of the air on his face while thinking of his Diana. After a while, he saw his beloved from a far. Timidly walking towards his porch where he was resting. Her face was pale, it seemed she had not been sleeping peacefully, and it got him worried. He rushed to meet his woman and held her in his arms and as soon as he did that, he immediately felt something was wrong. He felt the storm in his heart when Diana’s eyes started to well up. Between sobs, she broke the bad news. She said it with an attempt of courage but failed. She was diagnosed with a heart disease, and she was dying. “Three months,” she said, and cried on Alberto’s chest unceasingly. The poor man felt numb, his lips were trembling with fear, seeing his beloved wet with tears while saying a dreaded news is liking being stab with a knife more than a hundred times. He wished it was him, not his Diana. He held her in his arms very tight, he was looking at the spectacular sight of the sunset. The sky was filled with orange and violets until the stars finally begun shimmering in the sky. “Three months.” he said to himself, while biting his lower lip until it bled. His fists were closed, and his heart was raging with madness inside. “Death will not take you away from me. You are mine forever and no one and nothing can take you away Diana.” he said while trying his best to hold his tears back. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break your heart.” answered Diana. “Hush now, We’ll see the best doctor in town tomorrow. Don’t worry anymore.” he said, while silently plotting a solution in his mind. “Go inside now, it’s getting cold.” he continued.

That night, he took the bottle of whiskey which he had been keeping for five years now. He remembered he said to himself that that bottle will be opened for a very special celebration, and yes, indeed, he is celebrating a life. Another life for his Diana, another life for him. He knelt down on the altar and mournfully prayed infront of the image of the miraculous Guadalupe. He knew what he has on his head is the only solution that he knows to extend the life of his beloved. He stood up with his knees trembling and went straight to the rocking chair where his Diana slept silently. He kissed her forehead, and whispered words of love. After sometime, he went to the old drawer near the altar and took out a rusty pistol. He stared at the thing for a few seconds and slid it inside his jacket.

A few kilometers away from his home. He wandered under the now black velvet sky until he found a very perfect sanctuary for his plan. He hid himself behind a large Acacia tree and watched every passerby in an old street. His heart was throbbing uncontrollably and when it finally settled, he grabbed an old man from his back. “Give me your money and everything you have!” he said trying to project a loud scary voice. “Have pity my son, take everything you want and leave me breathing.” says the old man. He took the wallet and aimed the pistol to the old man’s head. “Have pity on me. Spare my life.” begged the old man, but Alberto’s mind was too clouded. This old man, he knew how he looked like. He is certain that this man will remember his face, he imagined himself behind the bars while his Diana silently losing her breathe. No, he can take any life for his Diana. He was breathing harsly and painfully. He looked at the old man who was already crying. “I’m sorry. I can’t leave without her.” he said and pressed the pistol’s trigger. “Diana…” said the old man with tears in his eyes and immediately died. The loud sound of the pistol scared the resting birds on the Acacia tree. Alberto stared shocked at the lifeless old man, unsure of what he heard before death took away his last breathe. “Did he actually said Diana?” he asked himself while running away from the scary scene. “Ahhh, it doesn’t really matter, my Diana, she will live longer, that’s what matters right now.”

The sun was beginning to rise when he finally arrived to his porch, he was sweating and nervous while he stared at the wallet in his hands. He glandly counted the cash. “Not enough, but we can start with this.” he said to himself grimly. From the door way that connects the porch to the living room, Diana peeped in. Her eyes were smiling, and after a while a crooked smile formed her lips. “Money.” she whispered. Alberto felt her presence, he stood up and welcomed Diana in his arms once again. “Ahhh, my life, you are awake now. I borrowed money from an old friend. We can go to the town doctor in a while.” he sad attempting to sound cheerful. “Thank you.” she answered. “You look tired, I woke up without you by my side, so I decided to bake some bread rolls for your breakfast. I will prepare the table now, come after me.” she said while sliding away from Alberto’s embrace. Alberto followed Diana, and sat on a wooden chair infront the dining table. Diana looked at her boy friend amusely while he was dipping the piece of bread roll on his black coffee. He smiled at her and continued munching. After eating, he stood up and went on his way to the bedroom, “I will take a nap and wake me up after your shower so we could go.” he shouted. “Uhuh.” was the only reply he heard from Diana. His beloved checked him after awhile. Upon realizing that he’s sound asleep, Diana pressed her lips against Alberto’s for a quick second and stared at the man while forming a grin on her lips. “It’s time.” she said to herself and took the wallet out from Alberto’s pocket. She felt a triumph when she saw how much money her boy friend have. “Money…all mine, I’m sorry sweetheart but you are such a young fool. I’m meeting my fool old geezer now. Adios.” she said and like a dove, she gracefully left the small house, determine to reach another nest before the sun fully rises.

August 18, 2009 – August 21, 2009
Tuesday – Friday

This story is inspired by Metallica’s Whiskey In The Jar. It took me four days to finish it, since I did it in between my break time in the office. Anyway, this is a raw story, unedited and all, so please forgive the lapses. 🙂


~ by Asian Butterfly on August 21, 2009.

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