With You

Your usual “well ello” never fail to send shivers, giggly shivers down to my spine. It sends tiny tiny electric tickle tickle shocks that always manage to stay longer in my chest and down my toes. And c’mon, I’m still blushing, you saying that I have a great face is flattering, way way flattering. And I wish you’ll repeat it over and over and over… And you frog! I do have a non-morbid day! Yeah, I admit it’s kinda nonsensical for other people to know that I’d rather do skydiving than rollercoastering. Maybe I just didn’t tell you that I’d like to do skydiving because I want to see the world… see the world, up above, and maybe then I would appreciate my life more… Really, I want to, I want to skydive…. with you.

~ by Asian Butterfly on September 1, 2009.

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