Life is a Carnival

Life is a carnival
Full of clowns who laugh fake laughs
Full of balloons that will eventually deflate
Life is a carnival
It has a merry go around that makes you stuck in one place forever
It has a rollercoaster that brings you back to where you started
It’s an endless cycle
Life is a carnival
Full of freaks who are not actually freaks
Full of magic
Full of trickery
Full of lies
Life is a carnival
Full of people
People who wants to forget
People who wants to escape sadness
Life is a carnival
And NO, it’s not colorful
It is actually black
Plain darkness covered by pastels
Life is a carnival

~ by Asian Butterfly on September 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Life is a Carnival”

  1. Why so gloomy? Life … real life …being ALIVE is a joyful and wonderful place! The details in the glory of a flower? the stunning beauty of a quiet lake first thing in the morning? the tender touch of a lover that very first time …? Life has carnivals … but it isn’t a carnival. Life is what you choose it to be.

    Having said that – great poem. Made me think of the hypocrisy and fickle minds that surround us too.

  2. thats deep.. but life can be bright and happy. but it all depends who reading this.. i guess I am trying to say.. is that if you arent happy you going to think negative and if you are happy positive. I like it thought 🙂

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