Randomly Thinking

after the so many sleepless nights
nights of tears and griefs
griefs that kills me from within
within that is already vulnerable
vulnerable to the point that one simple negative touch can break me

i want to sleep
sleep and to never wake up with the same feeling
feeling of solitude and emptiness
emptiness that kills me everyday
everyday that doesn’t even recognize tomorrow

tomorrow i want to wake up
wake up to begin living like the very first time

first time i uttered the word ma
first time that i learned that swaying of hips is dancing
first time i realized that a simple i love you can make a person smile and cry
first time i learned about orion the hunter
first time i appreciated frogs
first time i got fascinated with paperboat making
first time i came to know that an i miss you can already be a poem
first time i cried when i go bruised
first time i ate my very first ice cream under the heat of summer
and so many first times

time doesn’t stay forever
memories lives eternally
once life is broken
it is forever damaged

but why do we have
bandage for bruises?
tylenol for headaches?
sunrise after the sunset?
glue for papers?
eraser for pencils?

why do we know the word

~ by Asian Butterfly on September 10, 2009.

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