To Live Again

I woke up feeling the warmth from the sunrays that entered my room’s tiny window. Finally, the rain is over and the sun is shining brightly outside. Oceans or islands away, the season is changing to Autumn. I wish life is like that, it has four seasons, four seasons to start four beginnings if necessary. Again, I’d be forcing myself to get up, to get dress, and get to my friggin’ workplace. Again, I will be doing the very weary task that I do five times a week. The only think I’m thankful for is that something wrong happened to the internet connection that made wordpress accessible though temporary. Sigh. I want to start seeing the world again. The beautiful blue sky and the gentle pouring of raindrops. I want to see the butterflies again, the sweet yellowbelles and the twinkling stars from. I hardly remember the last time I saw the sunset and the sunrise. I hardly remember the last time I heard the free birds chirping happilly. (all I hear is the parrot from my neighborhood who’s constantly cursing every passerby except me) I wish to smell the sweet scent of September, to hear the christmas carols from the radio. I wish to see the world again. The beautiful big world that I used to know as a child. I want to see the vast horizon and the beautiful rainbow after the rain. I want to ride the bicycle again, I want to play like a free little girl again and sing my heart out loud without thinking that it is not shameful because I am a child. A child who sees happiness in so many little ways. A child who doesn’t need a big city to live, just a wide backyard with trees and flowers to watch with amazement. A child who listens to the repeated stories and legends of her abuela. I want to live again. I want to live again.

~ by Asian Butterfly on September 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “To Live Again”

  1. This really brought a smile. My abuela visits me in my dreams when I lose my way. She leaves breadcrumbs to sanity.

  2. oh, i love my abuela…

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