Happy Zero

Guess what?
I’m back to zero!
And I am happy.
Happy to start again.
Happy to find “her” my life coach.
Happy to be able to let go of some fears.
Happy to face new challenges.
Happy to Live.
Happy to start living Life again.
This time, slowly.
This time less mistakes.


~ by Asian Butterfly on September 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Happy Zero”

  1. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

    I missed you by a day.

    Less mistakes? Now?
    That is sooo funny!

    The She/Her thing gets me lost.
    But I’m glad you had at least one good day.
    Zero causes inertia, so watch out for that.

    Nice to meet you! Too-duh-loo! UT

  2. the “she” is my Life Coach.
    less mistakes, when you know you won’t ever try to repeat the same mistakes you did before.
    but well?
    who knows? life is a wildcard. 🙂
    And thank you for visiting Uncle Tree, this world is magical.
    Imagine a talking tree. 🙂

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