Fairy Godmother’s Fault 2

The good fairygodmother was talking to an Asian Butterfly. A long time friend of hers who happens to drop by her secret haven.

“It is almost time now, my god daughter is growing up and very lovely. Tomorrow, the prince of the kingdom of Fantasia might come and ask for her hand. What am I going to do? How will I explain that my little princess wants to marry a frog and not the prince?”

“Oh my old friend, that is such an easy thing to solve. Fear not, make her realize that the frog is not going to turn itself into a prince after being kissed. Your god daughter is intelligent enough to realize that.”

“How? I am running out of time. Once the prince of Fantasia realizes the dumbness of my little princess, he will turn his back. He will say he won’t marry an insane princess. You know how stupid princes can be sometimes. You’ve met a few princes from different kingdoms.”

“Let your princess kiss the frog and she will know that what you told her is true.”

“Oh no! Never will I risk my little one’s life.”

“What do you mean old friend?”

“That frog is venomous. It will make her sleep forever. And Oh, my friend, I cursed that frog and he is here for revenge.”

“A curse?”

“I casted a spell unto him, that whoever he falls in love with will sleep forever and be thrown away to the cold kingdom of Antarctica. An the frog will not be able to save her, because he will freeze to death.”

“Why don’t your curse the frog to death then? You can do anything my friend. You can make the whole world dark and kill him without your little one’s knowledge.”

“Oh, I cannot do that. It is beyond my power to curse a frog two times. The first curse will get back at me. If I will be cursed, the world will be doomed forever. Humans will see no stars and moon on the heavens. My princess will no longer be happy upon realizing that there’ll be no more diamonds in the sky.”

“Oh, you love her too much don’t you?”

“Her parents died for me.”

“I know, I know old friend. I am by your side. I will find the best solution that I can find.”

~ by Asian Butterfly on September 15, 2009.

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