hush baby
oh no, don’t cry
don’t cry please
slowly baby
there, there
you’re almost here
c’mon go to mommy
very good
oh, my baby can walk
– Oh, i tried so hard to get to you mom I will do anything to be embraced by those arms

keep quiet
don’t ask
just do it
three steps
one step to your left
step back twice
turn to your right
and walk straight
don’t worry
you can do it
there, you see?
– trusting you my friend is the most important thing here, of course you won’t let me fall on the creek

baby steps
do one step at a time
don’t hurry
you don’t have to hurry
you should believe yourself
don’t dream big dreams all at the same time
oh no, don’t turn your back
keep walking, keep going
but do baby steps
– i know you want to help me learn how to set my goals, you won’t let me repeat the same mistakes, i know that mentor. thank you

trust me
i won’t let you do anything
that will hurt you
you know your pain is my pain
keep going
take a step
there, nice
two more
you see?
you’re doing great
you don’t need your eyes
i am your eyes
-Oh you are my eyes, i love you, just take my hand, and i won’t worry anymore, i’ll keep walking

~ by Asian Butterfly on September 15, 2009.

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