Tonight I will be

the heart of a writer
the brain of a genius
the hand of a painter
the voice of a poet
the rhythm of a song
the wings of an angel
the kiss of a lover
the embrace of a mother
the sunrays of the sun
the twinkle of the stars
the coldness of every winter
the waves of an ocean
and the love of every love

i will be everything
everything you want me to be

~ by Asian Butterfly on September 24, 2009.

10 Responses to “Tonight I will be”

  1. When do you get to be who YOU want to be?

    (or are they the same thing?)



  2. oh, sometimes you forget who YOU want to be because YOU choose what others want YOU to be… such a sad reality…

    *hugs back*
    thanks for the visit Moonlight 🙂

    – Asian Butterfly

  3. I agree with ML – I love this but would love even more to see it end with “everything I want me to be”.

  4. The way of some days – all the focus on the other – the way of some days – really delivers the experience of this.

  5. yes, i agree, the way of some days, and to others…everyday

  6. amazing

  7. aw, thank you courtney, it’s nice to see you around

  8. very very seducive..

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