The Leading Woman

you were my poseidon
remember how you calmed the waves
how you sent the waters to tickle my toes
and to wash my tears away?

you were my peterpan
remember how you made me fly
how you lull me to sleep with your warm embrace
and sweet gentle goodnight kisses?

you were my romeo
remember how you delivered the lines
how they made me smile
and cry at the same time?

you were my Prince Cornelius
remember how you showed the world to me
how you made me realize that life is beautiful
and fantasies are real

do you remember
the loud applauses and standing ovations
the two thumbs up and tight congratulations?

do you remember
it was in that old forgotten theater
when all our dreams began to shatter?

do you remember
how you finally drowned yourself to fame
and how the worldly world took you away from me?

‘coz i remember
how you became every woman’s leading man
and how i slowly faded at the background

do you remember me
your number one fan
and used to be only woman?


~ by Asian Butterfly on September 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Leading Woman”

  1. I love the way you put this together. The references really draw the reader in…beautifu, sad and beautiful.

  2. he doesn’t remember 🙂

    • than except for the wonderful poem he doesn’t deserve another thought! too bad he wasn’t good at playing himself.

      • he was never good about almost everything…
        just with acting – the world of pretentions.

        and yeah, i hope this will be the last thought of him, but i betray myself all the time.

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