Loving A Farm God

I can still smell the fresh scent of wild flowers and sweetcorns. I was walking slowly, carefully observing all the things around me. From my right side, I can see the vast cornfields and the birds that happily sings with the wind. On my left side, I can see the beautiful ocean. The sun rays are glittering like brilliant diamonds on the water. Ahhh, what a beautiful world, I said to myself. But then, I felt a thug of pain in my chest. A pain that speaks of loneliness. I knew it right there and then, that these beautiful surrounding is nothing without him.

I can feel my heart beating fast by simply having thoughts of him. I can still taste the sweetness of his luscious lips, and I still have the tingle down from my toes whenever I watch him riding his horse. I will never forget him, I swear that even in the afterlife, I would still be aching to have him close in my arms. I will never be able to tame my heart from wanting and needing him. I have never felt this way before. A simple touch of him makes my soul soar high. He is my sanctuary, my soul will dwell in him for eternity.

~ by Asian Butterfly on September 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Loving A Farm God”

  1. Deep and devotional this is. Well said!
    I wonder where he is now, and if
    he knows what he’s missing.

  2. oh, vagabonds always know what they are missing, but they never find satisfaction in one place…

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