You Love I

You don’t understand me. If I were to remember everything, I’ve always been misunderstood. You do not know what I truly feel, and why would I bother telling you anyway? You never understand. You’ll never will.

But I love you.
Maybe the depth of it changes.
But still I love you.
I love you anyway.
I’ll always will.

Re-post 09-08-09

~ by Asian Butterfly on September 29, 2009.

6 Responses to “You Love I”

  1. I love it! Sorry if I have not left you anything.. been away from the blog world for bout 3 weeks now.. I love your blog!!

  2. Words, words, words…some folks think love
    is just a word. The best word, perhaps.
    Oh, well. I say it too, but I really mean it!
    Don’t we all…hmmm. Pretend a lot?

    Luvz and hugz! (to be taken at face value) UT

  3. oh
    some don’t mean it
    some don’t believe it
    some mean it and forget about it

    but, well,
    glad to know you mean it
    and i have to be honest
    i didn’t mean it one time *grins*

  4. I was once told that – the power of words is oft misunderstood. I think for poets that can never be true.

    Say what you mean and mean what you say.

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