hate you
from now on
you will no longer
matter to me

how could you be so ill mannered? i talked to you in a nice way. true that we were friends, but you should have considered that in a workplace, since you are my subordinate, you should follow what i said, a simple sign will no do you any harm. i was doing my job, this is not about our friendship but about proper decorum. about work ethics and such. you’ve hurt me. i seldom hate people, you know that, and now after a long long time, i’m hating again. i hate you.

~ by Asian Butterfly on October 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “Hate”

  1. Ugh, I know exactly what you are talking about. So sorry you experienced this.

  2. I wish that would work for me – to just pledge to someone that they will no longer matter and no longer affect me in a negative way and they then just wouldn’t.

    Work can be the worst place for people who are out to get you – everyone always seems to have their own agenda, no matter how nice they are to your face you never know what they are truly thinking until they do something hatful or deceitful to advance themselves…



  3. Hello, dear Butterfly!

    Hate is such a strong word.
    A despicable action, if allowed to fester,
    will often grow into malicious proportions.

    I’ve worked in a factory for 32 years.
    Friends who become bosses cease being friends.
    It’s quite natural, really, and bound to happen.
    You will have to put some distance between yourself
    and those who used to be your co-workers. People need
    to have a life outside of the workplace for good reason.

    Time is the great healer. This too will pass. Hang in there!

  4. love your 1st five lines..

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