So Close to Finish…and then

I remember when all your love was mine
when you gave me all the time in the world
believing that I will be waking up one day
having at least a little love to give
I remember how you took all the pain I caused you
how you accepted every hurtful words I said
believing someday that all I’ll utter will be I love you’s
you said you’d wait until my heart is tamed
I remember how you told everyone about me
that I am the love of your life
the queen of your heart
and the reason why you’re still living
I remember how you tried to make me laugh
how you tried to comfort me when my heart was broken
not once but several times
I remember you’re just there for me
I remember I woke up one day
telling myself that I should love you back
or at least give it a try
and I did, I told you I will try it
but then we didn’t succeed
it’s hard to teach a heart whom to love
and so I told you to go away
I remember how you cried
how you begged me not to push you away
but I didn’t listen
I wanted you to let go of the feelings that you have
to just go away and go on with your life while i’m going on with mine
but you didn’t, you stayed and waited
for a year, for another year
for six long years
and then…


~ by Asian Butterfly on October 13, 2009.

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