Storm’s Away

Last week was not a hell week, but maybe I was busy that’s why I was not able to update my blog. Anyway, I want to say thank you to all those who sent hopes and prayers for my safety and my family. The typhoon is finally out the Philippine area of responsibility. I just hope that everything will be well now. I’ve heard from the news that the latest update of those who died because of the landslide and flash floods caused by Pepeng are now 226, and a lot are still missing. These number of deaths are more than the deaths that super typhoon Ondoy caused. I hope that they’ll find peace wherever they are, and I am also hoping that what happened will be a wake up call not only to the government but to my fellow Filipinoes as well. I believe that although what happened was a natural catastrophe, the deeds of people is still the main caused of the tragedy. Neglecting the environment will surely result to more of these if we will not do something as individuals.

I started my new job (I was promoted) last Monday, everything was new, and quite easy to handle. However, one of my subordinates got an attitude problem. I was told by my Supervisor that he-she (a gay he is) only needs extra attention that’s why he’s like that. Apparently, he-she did something that made me cry last Wednesday. That day, I learned how to deal with things and promised myself that I’ll never cry over something that is not even my fault. I should be tough. At least, now that I’m still in this company. After Christmas, I will be free.

I miss Buuu, so much that I spend minutes staring at his pictures with my eyes welling up. I miss the times that we talk about anything under the sun, and the times that we talk about things that makes us sad and how our lives are messed up and how we try to do our best to still live despite the brokenness. He doesn’t have a new phone yet, and he haven’t replied on my email. Maybe he’s having a dark mood again, so I’m used to it, but of course I am hoping for an answer.

Buuu, I hope you know how much I am missing you right now. I miss you to the point that I stare blankly at your picture and cry. I miss you to the point that I am hurting. If only you could read this and the other stuff in here, they’re all yours. They’re all for you, but of course you wouldn’t know anything about this because I am not telling you. Sigh, all I want is for you to be happy. If you will be happy, then I will be happy too, I guess that’s what friends are.

Sigh, anyway, I have to sleep now. It’s five thirty in the morning so, I guess I should take a nap, it’ll be a long day later, a loooooooong day of house cleaning. Gosh, sometimes weekends are not good when you need to do the cleaning and washing.

Notes: (10-10-09)
1. I finished three movies. (Yes Man!, Kimidora, Ded Na Si Lolo)
2. Ate two chocolate bars, tortillas, jelly, chocolate candies, rice, meat loaf and more….
3. Cleaned the house.
4. Did some laundry.
5. Watched tv.
6. Slept.

Goodnigh! Au revoir!


~ by Asian Butterfly on October 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Storm’s Away”

  1. I’m just glad you’re okay, Butterfly.
    Congratulations on your promotion! (What’s after X-mas?)
    So, you have a Buuu. He’ll figure out what he’s missing
    sooner or later. Hang in there, but don’t sound too desperate.

    Goodnight, good lady!

  2. hahaha, thank you for the advice uncle!
    he wouldn’t even know i’m close to falling for him
    not ready for a relationship right now
    i don’t even know how to love myself

    we’re friends and we’ll end up that way
    thats what we chose to be
    and i guess i’m fine with that

    good afternoon uncle!

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