The Proposal

It started with a look
and then you came closer
closer and closer and closer
your eyes locked with mine now
an inch away from my body
i can smell your scent
the scent of your manhood
with an added mint of cigarette
i gasped
your breathe is touching my face
tickling me
ahh, how i wanted to move to touch you
to feel the brush of your cheeks on mine
our body so close, close close
our lips intertwined
of course you couldn’t prolong the longing
you kissed me
your tongue tasting the sweetness of my mouth
your hands starting to wander all over my back
my hands around your neck now
and then i felt my silk dress falling down
the next thing i knew
i’m naked and so closed to your body
you kissed my neck
your tongue gliding down
tickling my throat
my chest
my breasts
your hands wandering all over me
wonderfully adoring my body
i just love this
the way you do things to make me happy
i thought it’s about time to make you happy too
and so i told you to kiss my lips again
and my hands started to unbutton your shirt
i know how you like it
it’s surprising that you don’t get tired of this
i kissed your eyes
the tip of your nose
your cheeks
your lips
your neck and chest
and everthing else down there
i kneeled down
was more than willing to give you the pleasure of love
i slowly unzipped your pants
and then there it is
a yellow ribbon tied on your manhood
and a diamond ring on it
i was speechless
you held my hands
and helped me untie the ribbon
you took the diamond ring
and kneeled down
saying the magic words that i’ve been longing to hear
and yes of course
i will marry you
i will


~ by Asian Butterfly on October 13, 2009.

19 Responses to “The Proposal”

  1. I love this! They should make a movie like this! I really got involved! Makes me wonder if this really happened. 🙂

  2. uhhhhhhmmm, let’s keep you wondering for now? thank you doraz, i see you brought a smile with you today, 🙂 here’s mine.

  3. Boy, I hope your Buuu sees this one.
    He’ll come a runnin’ for those hot cakes.

    Good job! It is well written, and brazen, babe!
    Now you’ve made me miss something. We’ll call it even.

  4. WOW….what a HOT proposal!


    I was sweating when I read this. 😀

  5. I love it!!

  6. I shouldn’t need to wonder what you’ve been doing lately. 😉

    Btw, shall I keep calling you ‘Butterfly’? I mean, that’s okay
    and all. If your first name’s a secret, I understand…kinda.
    Thanks for keeping in touch anyway. I like you for some reason.

    Luvz, UT

  7. Halloween is near. Do you do that sort of thing over yonder?

  8. Anything new lurking away? 🙂 Thanks for wishing me well! Appreciate your support!


  10. Enjoy! I will be around. I will be really busy getting ready for Thanksgiving at my house! Be good!
    Luisa Doraz

  11. great proprosal…would love to have a proposal like that some day…great writing could pic what was happening every moment…thanks for sharing!!

  12. I’ll get Fantasia to read this … but thanks for the idea!

  13. I love romantic stuff and this was covered in it… Got hung on every word, beautiful.

  14. what an erotic sensual proposal..

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