A Letter and A Wish

A Wish

Hey Buuu!
I know what you want for Christmas
It’s the very thing I desire
If only that man in red hat would listen
I can be his slave for a month
As long as he’ll give us what we want
I’d clean his shoes all night
Or even make his coffee at midnight
Whatever he wants

There’s only one Christmas present that I’m longing for
And I wanted it eversince we met
We both know it’s better than vodka
Even warmer than what your furnace can offer

It’s impossible to have it now
So much impossible and it hurts to know
I wish we’re never too far…

A Letter


Seeing you suffering is too much for me, it breaks my heart into million little pieces. Making yourself suffer because of something that was meant to happen is not fair. You don’t have to hurt yourself, because you’ve suffered enough. I know you’ll keep telling me that that’s the karma you get. I just don’t understand why you have to keep on ruining yourself for the sake of someone who never blamed you in the first place. Your friend is gone forever and no matter how many pains you feel right now, he’ll never come back. For all we know, he’s happy with his God now while here you are saying you will never forgive yourself. Please let the wound heal. 😦


~ by Asian Butterfly on December 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “A Letter and A Wish”

  1. Hii … I don’t remember if I’d visited your blog earlier but after reading this post I’ve come to know that something really bad has happened and you blame yourself for it … Well my dear friend I won’t tell you not to feel guilty but you can at least TRY…keep trying to forgive yourself …hope is always there..

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  2. I agree. Please let the wound heal ….so one can move ahead in their path in life!

  3. *a healing wish to you with all the love I can squish in (including some that might squash out when I tie the bow!)*

    Please be well friend,

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