Year End Party, Bargos and I’m Getting Married!

Year End Party

We had our Year End Party in the company last Saturday. I was tired and sick, but I have to admit that I had fun. So there were number of performances and all, and my group (proud leader here!) won the first runner up, not bad since we only practiced the dance steps and the singing for a week. While the rest are having fun, I was outside, savoring the cool breeze of the 30 storey building. I can’t help but think that right after New Year, I will be leaving the company and all those people inside the party hall. It’s one of the saddest decisions I’ll ever make, but then I have to be strong and firm with my decision, because I want a brighter future.

Bargos and Ram

After the Year End Party, we went to Bargos Bar and Resto for some drinks and chitchat. It was quite noisy and they kept playing the same songs. We ordered one beer tower and some finger food, and I am so proud of myself because I didn’t join the rest finishing the beer tower. Instead, I ordered Sherry Temple for myself! (I promised myself not to ever drink beer again because of what happened to me last time, haha) One server was soooo cute that I couldn’t stop myself looking at him, and knowing my co-workers, they asked for the guy’s name. Ha-ha, so there I was silent and all while they’re making fun of me, but gosh, I really can’t take away my eyes off him. His name is Ram, and since I’m a shy girl, I didn’t ask for his number. HAHAHA! But I’m sure, I’m so sure I’m going back there.

Sunday (Dec. 20, 2009)

It was my cousins’s wedding, and guess what? I caught the wedding bouquet! LOL! 🙂 When my grananay (grandma) found out about it when we got home, she kept talking to me and all, she was upset I’ll be the next one to tie the knot. I told her, it was just a game, but oh boy! Oldies will always believe old beliefs. I dropped two forks while I was eating and in our old beliefs, I’d be meeting or receiving a visit from a guy, and since those were two, could it be that I’ll have two future grooms? Hahaha, and then I pulled one ribbon on the wedding cake and got a wish that tells about love (don’t remember the whole note). It was crazy, but I had fun. 🙂 Although, I was upset because the guy who slid the wedding garter in my leg is not quite good looking! Heh, bad me.

Now I’m home, and didn’t work, because I’m sick. So sick since we had a very tiring week in the office. But guess what?! I’d still do some shopping later, since Christmas is just 3 days away!

~ by Asian Butterfly on December 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Year End Party, Bargos and I’m Getting Married!”

  1. Congratulations, Rhee! (I hope that’s right. Darn memory.”

    After 32 years straight, my company cancelled the Christmas party
    this year. Major bummer. That means I didn’t get out once this year. 3 more days of work, and I’m off for two weeks…yes, PAID!

    I see you’re still alive, and except for being ‘sick’,
    all is well, I gather. Silly superstitions, anyway, huh?

    Oh, I do wish you a Merry Christmas, Butterfly,
    and I’ll do my best to bless you with a fantastic 2010!

    LuVz & HuGz, UnCle tReE

  2. Silly indeed … funny how it can affect you isn’t it?
    I celebrate Winter Solstice today …
    May your new cycle begin for you with the light of Joy in your heart. May hope burn bright for you and the seeds of abundance grow.

  3. Best of Luck dear 🙂

  4. Well…. I just LOVE weddings. It sounds like you will have a few guys to pick from! Just always stay focused on the path ahead of you…and you will fly high! I wish you all the happiness. I will finally be adding you to my blogroll, I have been so behind. Hope you like the image I select for you

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