Rewinding 2009

Life went on, just like that. At least that’s what I believe. 2009
passed me by quickly, and I realized I didn’t have any solid goals. I
allowed the days pass by without making any real future goals. All I
had were plans, plans that were changed minute after every minute, and day
after day.

I’m 23, but I think it ain’t a valid reason for that. Most people will
probably say, “that’s okay, you’re still young” or “that’s normal you
still have years to ponder about your goals in life.” BUT it’s not.
It’s not okay, because every ticking of the clock matters. It matters
so much. I know all of us, specially older people have their own share
of regrets, but why not make your regrets lesser if you can? And why
am I sulking about this anyway? The year is over so I can’t do
anything about it.


– I accepted a promotion.
– I met Casey, who was so like me in many ways and enjoyed (still enjoying) a special friendship with him.
– I had my heart broken and I broke someone else’s heart.
– I said goodbye to the people who drained my life.
– I didn’t go to church that much.
– I became depressed and found comfort in anything sweet and cold resulting to gaining weight. haha! πŸ˜›
– I met a Life Coach who is overly fantastic.
– I loved my parents even more.
– I realized that people sometimes change when they get more money.
– I adapted two mantra from my Life Coach!
– I received three frog stuffed toys from friends.
– My mom baught me a little doll!
– I met “superman”.
– I learned about Blue/Fairy Penguins and realized they’re overly cute and decided to love them as much as I love frogs.
– I laughed a lot because of Luisa Doraz.
– I slept too much, mostly to stop thinking and to drown myself in the world of dreams.
– I didn’t write much.
– I was stucked in the taxi for almost fifteen hours because of a tropical storm!
– I met people over wordpress and they’re a bunch of artists, writers and inspirations. (silindile, uncle tree, fantasia, dear hunter, and a lot more)
– I got addicted to on-line games and gave it up later on. (I play occassionally now.)
– And lastly, I decided that I want to become a BUTTERFLY and don’t wanna be a CATERPILLAR (so itchy) for the rest of my life.

…so may God, the gods and everyone nice bless me. πŸ™‚


~ by Asian Butterfly on January 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “Rewinding 2009”

  1. You are the best at making me smile and laugh! I am honored to have been able to help you laugh. We do look much prettier when we laugh instead of frown, right? You seem to be kicking butt around your part of the world! Right on! Keep swinging those arms and dance your way to a happier life! Just act silly and crazy…like me….and you will do just fine! LOL πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Asian Butterfly,

    I saw this post and it paints a beautiful picture of you, very inspiring and very forgiving. We can be just another human being with the same flow of thoughts and feelings. I love it! I’d like to let you know that you’ve been given an award. Please go to my blog and you’ll find out why.
    Have a happy one, my dear.

    Jenny a.k.a. scentedsummer

  3. thank you so much jenny, the award is deeply appreciated. best regards to your family.

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