Are You A Filipino?

It’s funny when people tend to notice me and whatever I have.

When someone sees me without my glasses, they’d usually say “Hey, your eyes are chinky and gorgeous, you look like a Chinese.”

When someone notices my height, they’d usually say “Hey, you’re so tall, got an American blood?”

When someone notices my skin, they’d usually say “Hey, your skin is nice, are your ancestors Spanish?” or sometimes “What lotion do you use?” (Hell, I seldom use lotion you know, haha)

When someone notices my nose, they’d usually say “Hey, you have got a cute little nose, you got some mixed blood?” (huh? what the hell?)

When someone notices my lips, they’d usually say “Hey, your lips are pink and smooth, never been kissed, have you been to America?” (crazy people eh?)

Anyway, my point here is they always ask if I am this and that, and never did I hear someone ask me “Are you a Filipino?”

I wonder why, and it’s driving me nuts sometimes, it makes me feel less Filipino when in fact, as far as I believe I look “very” Filipino. haha Anyway, okay, I must admit, I got Chinese, Spanish and American blood too.

Now, where am I heading? What am I talking about?

~ by Asian Butterfly on January 8, 2010.

6 Responses to “Are You A Filipino?”

  1. The key thing is…people are noticing you! That is good! Can we all see a photo of you in 2010? We can tell you what we think! LOL 🙂

  2. That’s good news. It’s nice to be noticed, you know. 😀

  3. I went to Manila & Olongapo City several times when I was in the Australian Navy many years ago. I loved it as the Philipines was such a beautiful place. I used to love riding in the Jeepneys. One time a few of us from my ship got on a Jeepney & we went out of Manila & travelled a long way to all these small towns & villages. We had no idea where we were & just stayed in the Jeepney hoping that eventually the driver was going back to Manila. We also have 2 Philipino families in our church who are very good friends of ours.

    • OMG, I don’t like riding jeepneys.. so noisy, i did that too with friends before but we used a pick up and after more than a day we finally arrived home, good thing we brought some goodies with us and had extra cash for the gas, lol, adventures, fun fun fun, i am soooooo wishing to visit australia to see the blue penguins, yay, love them

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