And so I wish I’m strong enough to leave my comfort zone

The Caterpillar Need Flowers To Become A Butterfly

The caterpillar started to travel the long path of dreams, aiming to reach the world of reality. She stopped by to a paradise of green and took a rest. Summer, Spring and Autumn went by, she stood still, convincing herself that taking a step ain’t that bad. She cried and felt so helpless knowing that her battle is within herself and she alone can do the right thing to win or the wrong thing to lose.  Winter came and she felt very cold, so she made her own comfort zone and stayed there for so many days. Inside her cocoon, she thought she would be safe, but a day came when she realized she’s in pain and getting more hurt every hour…

Will  she finally take a new step and  realize she’s already a butterfly? Or will she remain inside the cocoon in pain, thinking that she would die a caterpillar?

Please help me her, whisper to her and be the flowers waiting for her gentle touch.


~ by Asian Butterfly on January 24, 2010.

5 Responses to “And so I wish I’m strong enough to leave my comfort zone”

  1. Your words are just beautiful and they have touched me! I love your style of writing. You are FANTASTIC! I find that when I put my thoughts down into words, it helps my soul feel more happy and free! Keep on writing! I LOVE IT! 🙂

  2. Thank you DOraz, and I am hoping I’d be able to escape in my own cocoon.

  3. The way you have brought out the message from the two poems is worth applauding. I must say you are a great human being besides being a good poet/writer. Yes you have inspired me too for stepping out of my comfort zone and try and do things which I always wanted to do but was afraid . Thanks mate for the lesson . Yes I am in my comfort zone . Could very well relate to your first poem .

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