Successful People

My mentor said I can be a supportive friend, but not to the point of being used as doormat.

I just realized lately that being too kind is abusive.

The only way to get rid of a leech is to put salt in it. So, that’s what I did, and what I will be doing whenever there are leeches around.

And if I will be told as someone who is so self centered, then all I gotta say is “Thank You.” I love myself and I think it is not but right to put other people’s interest ahead of my own. Everybody’s got their own issues going on, and I do not have any obligation to solve other people’s issues.

I may sound bad to some, but what am I suppose to do with abusive friends trying to suck out everything I have? It is so hard to say NO when you know that these people will say bad things towards you.

BUT well, what now? Will I live for the rest of my life minding other people’s opinions or comments? NO I won’t. I do not care about what they have to say as long as I am happy with my decisions and as long as I am not doing any harm to others.

If they don’t have a shelter, then it is not my problem. They can go back to their parent’s home.

If they’re bums, then they can starve to death.

I am going to live by this quote from now one: SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ARE SELFISH…when necessary.

~ by Asian Butterfly on February 17, 2010.

6 Responses to “Successful People”

  1. haha- be informed that i had just nominated you for the Blogtastic Special Friends Award.. View the list at my blog…

  2. Well – that makes sense and you know what?

    It is also damned good advice (knowing what a doormat I am myself)

    I will be thinking about this for a while.

    Thanks A.B.


  3. I have been a doormat all my life and it is just now that I realized it. It’s not too late to think things over and to change. Being a doormat friend is not cool. 😛

  4. I have happy you realize that you count and you make a difference. You can still be “nice” to people, but you do not need to be treated badly in the process. I am happy with your new outlook. Keep it positive. Make good choices. 🙂

  5. The Golden Rule
    is a yellow-brick road.
    Free Will
    is the chosen decider.
    is choice-less awareness.

    Tell me where to go, if you wish.
    I’ll forgive you, no matter what.

    Luvz & hugz, UT

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