Indecision (no more)

Indecision has always been one of my greatest enemy. It makes my bright days turn into dull ones. What makes it stronger even more is it is often accompanied by fear, mostly fear of the unknown.

Just for once, I want to decide on my own. Without considering the advices of other people who cares and those who do not. Without giving a damn to what other people might say, or without fearing a possible dismay from my family and friends.

Just for once, I want to be alone in this fight. Fighting for what I believe is right for me. Fighting alone because I know this is want I want and this is what will make me happy. Fighting alone knowing that no matter how big the mistakes I might encounter, I will never regret them because they will be lessons.

Just for once, I want to be who I want to be. A free woman using her own freewill.

One decision will change my life forever.
Now will I be ready to do what I truly desire?

Yes. Not I hope so, but YES. Yes I will.

~ by Asian Butterfly on March 12, 2010.

8 Responses to “Indecision (no more)”

  1. You will learn that you can make these decisions without fear, the stronger you grow as a person! 🙂 I believe YOU can do what ever YOU want! 🙂 Have a fun Friday!

  2. Enemies can be indecisive, too.
    The World, The Government…
    but here comes the judge.

    Your reputation.

    I know you have one.
    Have you earned it? (Pause)
    Do you attempt to truly live up to it?
    Does your boss depend on your normal behavior?
    Who can you afford to let down? Because, as you know,
    someone will be disappointed after you act freely.
    “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”
    It takes more than one decision.
    I know you can do it.

    Your reputation.

  3. you guys are AWESOME!!

    tree what a gift you gave me and Rhee nice post and let me know if your car ever need repairs!

  4. I’m too indecisive by nature. And my this weakness has made me upset today . Had I’d made a decision on my own I would not be regretting today …

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