The Last of Summer (a see you soon letter for a friend)

Parting to me is the sweetest sorrow. It is as gentle as the wind blows, beautiful like a sparrow, and as good as waiting for tomorrow. So why shed tears if saying goodbye makes something new? One last hug may mean liberty from all the bad feelings that haunts you. From a person who hurts you, from everything that makes you sad, and for a love that never was. You know you’ll always have memories to remember. There are true friends who will never forget, lessons learned that’ll keep you holding on and a better life ahead of you. You know that everybody deserves the best. YOU deserve the best, so do not weep. This is reality. This is life. Welcome to the world. Welcome to your new world.

~ by Asian Butterfly on March 16, 2010.

10 Responses to “The Last of Summer (a see you soon letter for a friend)”

  1. True friendship truly does last a lifetime

  2. A person wins the prize and the lottery when they find a friend for life! 🙂

  3. I can’t believe that I am actually one of the crazies who this is more on the serious side than the humorous. Thank You Rhee

    somewhere in the middle is a nice place to be. Stuck in a fairy tale or overcritical real world is nothing like the gift of a wake up.

    enjoy my friend!

  4. Beautiful ! I just love the way you see life and the inspiration which you pass to all of us is very much appreciated. Is writing your profession? Just a curious question because you have very good command on language and your words just seep into the hearts…!

    Writing Style
    What type of writer should you be?

    • I was a creative writer before, and gave it up coz it felt i didnt have the talent. but someday, i wish, id have my writings published. lol

  5. Hello there, Rhee!

    I missed this one. It is so very true,
    and great philosophical advice. Well-spoken!

    Unforced weeping compassionately cleanses.
    We all deserve a time to observe our inner selves.

    Take it, it’s yours. Sincerely, UT

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