What’s new?

-> submitted my resignation to my employer already
(of course they wouldn’t just let me go like that so they asked a favor from me, staying more for a month and then they’ll set me free, not bad but then i get to move my schedules and cancel my vacation, dang it!)

-> i work two jobs
(yes two jobs for now since my company wouldn’t want to let me go)

-> moved into a new apartment last february
(and now moving into a condominium before the end of march, can’t seem to settle down, hope this is the last before i move to my own loft like condo in 2012, still under construction and fixing the papers)

-> got a new suitor
(whatever you call a guy who woo you for love. he’s cute, he’s intelligent, he’s rich, he’s nice, he’s sweet and i’m not just that into him)

-> i like someone
(and who knows him liking me too will end up into something good, anyhow i’m happy, we’re friends for now and that’s just about it)

-> my dolls from canada are coming over!
(given by a very special person, they’re not vintage but around 34 to 37 years old, costs around 300 to 450 dollars each and yeah two barbies are arriving with them too!)

-> might further my studies this school year
(if i’d have enough time left, i’d go graduate school and take masters in psychology and communications, whatddya think?)

-> family’s doin’ great
(elder brother’s taking law this year, younger brother’s gonna graduate next month and got a good job waiting for him, mom and dad doing well, grandma stronger than ever)

-> i’m happy
(because i’m finally doing things that i like, made a decision without considering other people’s opinion, feels so good about it, living life to the fullest and taking one wise step at a time)

shnuggles and smooches!

~ by Asian Butterfly on March 21, 2010.

5 Responses to “What’s new?”

  1. You like dolls???!!

    From Canada??!!!


    I wish I had known before…

    I live in Canada – if you want me to keep an eye out for a particular little person, just let me know (I think you have my e-mail, if not I will pass it over)

    (I’ll be back – just was thrilled over the doll thing and had to say right away)


    • yeah, am totally fascinated by them, heh
      i’d love that…
      dunno your email though, hehe
      thaaaaaaaaaaank you. 🙂

  2. Wow, Rhee, what a post!

    Ol’ Chuck and Snoopy…Yeah! I’m rather drawn to that saying. 🙂

    It sounds and looks like everything is going great. You have
    a lot going for you, and good things are coming to you, too.

    That is great to hear, and I hope you have a fantastic year! UT

  3. Hey my friend you’re one busy girl, two jobs… At least that’s two paychecks;-)
    I just learned something new about you, doll collecting.

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