Holy Week in My Hometown

It was my first time ever in my entire life not to attend the Holy Week back hometown. I was so depress those days, knowing everyone’s together back home. 😦 But anyhow, I’m just trying to be responsible, I needed to work overtime since I got plenty of evaluation forms to finish. Anyhow, my cousin and a friend took some pictures for me, and let me share them to you guys:

These people do this to repent. It’s their way of saying sorry for all the sins they’ve committed and such. Some do this because it’s a tradition in their family or it’s their way of praying for a loveone’s good health. Some of my uncles did this before, and I found this thing entertaining before. BUT now that the media and people around the world found out about these flagellants in our country, everything has changed. Some of them now do this to put on a show or to earn money. I was so disappointed when I heard from my uncle that they paid someone in their street to have himself nailed in the cross. Horrendous. Horrendous not because of how gory they look like with all the blood and everything, horrendous because the pure intention is not there anymore. I believe that whoever their God is, he wouldn’t want his people sacrificing this way. Why hurt themselves when the son of God himself did this to save humankind from any pain? I’m sure not all of you will find this entertaining, disturbing, and insane, any comment is welcome, and hey, I just want to share my country’s culture. HAPPY EASTER!

~ by Asian Butterfly on April 4, 2010.

10 Responses to “Holy Week in My Hometown”

  1. happy easter and tell them to stop torturing themselves- anyway i am passing the over the top blog award to you- details at my blog- enjoy!

  2. Happy easter too, although it’s almost over now…

    At first I though- awesome, they do all that for forgiveness, to feel like Jesus must have felt like, to show how grateful they are to him and how they’re sorry, if we’re not as good as we should. I think that’s great, as long as it’s voluntarily and the people really want to that for the reasons above.

    But money? WTF? That’s just sad. And not so sad for the people in your hometown, but sad for the people who would offer them money? Can’t we see something beautiful,pure, authentic, different and not make a reality show out of it?

  3. It is a very nice thing to be able to celebrate in your style and fashion. Thank you for sharing the photos with us all. 🙂

  4. wow.. I never knew people did things like that. its kinda neat to know… so where are u from? Thanks for sharing!!

  5. wow, what an interesting tradition. Thank you for sharing this.

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