If I just realize…

Dear Myself,

You’ve achieved some things already, you know that. They may be small, but they are your achievements.

You’re one lucky girl. You were given almost everything you wanted. From fancy clothes, glittery shoes, expensive school things and a collection of stuffed toys and dolls. You were loved by your mother, was even luckier for having aunt Minda as your second mother. You were a daddy’s girl who gave you everything you asked for. You were the only princess, with two monkeys as your brothers (hehe). Your family’s reputation (both sides) is so good that everyone in your neighborhood treats you good as well. You see how lucky you are?

You wanted to be a part of your school newspaper in high school, and you became part of it for four years. Got honorariums from even, and also became part of different organizations. You wanted to become a CAT officer when you were a senior in high school, you became one, and even had the Wing 5 Logistics and Supply Cadette Lt. Colonel post. You were top 6 in your class and was even one of the few who got a gold medal on your high school graduation. You met your best friend in high school as well, and you should be thankful for having her. You’ve appreciated so many things in your high school life, the stars, the clouds, the sunset, the green grass, and everything else around you. Things that an ordinary high school lass would never noticed. You are luck aren’t you?

In college, you were given the chance to choose the most prestigious university in your town. You were able to buy stuff that you wanted, cheap or expensive. You learned how it is to eat street food and to party all night, or drink all night. You’ve been to places with friends and found friendship to some. You were able to prove that you can dance when your class joined several school dancing festivals. You outdid your best in high school, really. You were part of a school political organization who fought for the entire studentry. You were part of an organization which helped you help other people and kids who were in need, as well as prisoners. You were able to act and to attend seminars and trainings. You had your dream come true, having your name posted on school bulletins, walls and such. You won writing contests, you became a Features editor in your college newspaper. You were admired by your professors. You became a model to your school mates in simple ways. Don’t you think you’re lucky?

Now you live in a lavish environment. Your new job is better than the previous one. You’re on your way to your dream don’t you realize that? Your parents supports you all the way. You’ve finally found and realized there are at least six real friends in your life. Why aren’t you happy? Don’t you think you should be thankful for all these blessings or miracles or whatever you wanna call them? Why can’t you realize you’re lucky? Why are you blinded by the thought that what you have is not enough? Why can’t you be happy for now? You’re luckier than other people, try to read this again and again, until you realize that you are.

And always remember, whatever trials you’ll have. Whatever pain you’ll feel or how many failures you’ll have. Remember remember, remember, just SUCK IT up and MOVE on.

~ by Asian Butterfly on April 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “If I just realize…”

  1. Great job writing that, you made me smile by just reading it 🙂

    It’s pretty normal that you’re not happy. You want more, you want to develop your potential and do your best and that’s great! But you should totally be thankful, that’s one amazing life by now and it’s about to become even better, thanks to you:)

  2. Realizations are like grand transformations.
    Grand, with no hurrying, is Nature’s way of getting there.
    The moments in the journey are all we have
    because ‘there’ is here and now. Enjoy!

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