B-DAY (Bad-Day Birthday)

A not-so-HAPPY birthday to me… *tears*

A few days ago, I thought that I’d be celebrating my 24th birthday happily and more contented.
hey people, it’s the other way around.
Funny eh?

Just hurting.

~ by Asian Butterfly on April 13, 2010.

16 Responses to “B-DAY (Bad-Day Birthday)”

  1. Awww – sweetheart, I’m sorry.



    & more *hugs*


    • 😥 it just hurts that after treating people like your own siblings, they’ll totally forget about it and try to fuck up your life… 😦

      and hurts even more that the very person who always talked about your birthday is the one who forgot…

  2. Crappy

    Are you OK?

  3. damn! I hear you, my birthday is Dec 31, because it’s the biggest party of the year for other reasons EVERYBODY forgets, everyear. My mom is the only one who remembers. It is always awkward for me cause because I get quiet and standoffish (secretly wanting somebody to remember) but I don’t saying anything, I make it worse by getting even quieter and then very timidly asking friends what plans they have and then instead of saying cool I’ll go. I get all butt hurt and sad.

    But I always do it to myself


    if you want, (just for this year) delete all these comments and we’ll celebrate one week late just this year and I will not forget any other year. But I have to ask just once, what day is it

    • at least i know someone who feels the same way now..

      thank you so much..
      i appreciate your kindness.

  4. Hey there, happy birthday !

    As long as you don’t forget it, it’s not so bad 😉 I’m so sorry that you feel that way, I can’t give you nothing but cyber-hugs :hug: :hug: :hug:

    Try to see it as a new start, when after it you’ll start to feel better, so feel as bad you can now, because it’s getting better tomorrow 🙂

  5. Hey there, that’s ok people are not difficult ‘people are just different’.

  6. I have not seen you around, so I am late in saying that any birthday should be a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂 You are alive and well, right? lol 🙂

    • yeah, im kinda having some emotional problems and i just cant keep myself writing and visiting. i missed so much of your questions and hopes to get back to my better self, i spend most of my time, thinking, wondering and crying…. hurting. 😦

  7. Happy belated birthday, Butterfly!

    These days don’t necessarily get easier as you get older.
    Perhaps, this one will pale in comparison to next year’s,
    and the one after that, and the one after that…

    Self-inflicted pressure pushes me to the brink often enough.

    The day is over. Relax, okay? Peace, UT

  8. sigh- wonder what it takes to cheer you up..

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