I am wishing hopefully that I am making the right

decisions in my life right now.

i feel so uncertain.

i want to be happy.

everybody wants to be happy.

no, don’t say it’s a choice.

because i do choose to be happy.

i always do, but see?

i am not.

i cannot fathom the real meaning of happiness…
it’s even harder to find than love.

~ by Asian Butterfly on August 2, 2010.

7 Responses to “Uncertain”

  1. oorrr.. what a shame! happiness lies within you butterfly- just have to tickle yourself . anyway, nice poem! :)..

  2. If it’s a poem then all fine but if you saying this then my friend let me tell you your not alone whose not happy . I too do not understand the phrase which says’ happiness is a choice’ . Actually its not. You really need a reason in life to be happy .
    What is your current emotional condition?

  3. Join the Club!!!

  4. “Life is dukkha,” according to Buddha. Truth #1
    “Life sucks, then you die,” according to The Fools. #1 Truth

    According to Uncle Tree:


    The butterfly soars way over our heads

    It has no intention of ever reaching the stars

    Or of becoming One


    The earthworm digs deep under our feet

    It knows better than to think, that someday

    it might just reach the center

    and find itself


    Man amuses himself with challenges

    due to circumstances

    then he experiments


    God experiments with Man

    and challenges His amusements

    regardless of the circumstances


    “The Amusement Park”
    Hi, Rhee! 🙂 make me happy!

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