No Title :D

Okay, so how do I start this again? Someone help me, feels like I no longer know how to put my feelings or at least what I am thinking into words. I do not hate my blog, I didn’t want to stop writing, and it’s just that I didn’t have time. I just said I needed a little rest and then I lost track of the days and then it just suddenly hit me awhile ago while on my way to the office, it’s almost Christmas again. I kind of hate myself for taking time for granted. I could’ve written a lot of the thoughts I wanted to write if only I wasn’t busy or lazy… Grrr!
Anyway, thanks to Michael (Vega), he inspired me, he is my inspiration rather. It’s funny when you start feeling this thing again. Having butterflies in your stomach, worrying about how I look (not so me) Smiling at the thought of him… I am definitely sureeeee of this feeling. I feel like a teen… I got a crush on him! ^__^
If you ever wonder about Brennan, the guy I was talking about under “FUN DATE”. We’re still friends. He texts and calls and invites me almost every weekend, though I mostly declined his invitations. (Not that I’m being mean, I just don’t have time, or sometimes prefer to be alone. Just to set the records straight, nothing more than friendship is going on between us. We like each other. As friends, and that’s just the way it is. 😀
Maybe this entry seems very light and candid, but it’s the opposite of how I feel. I’ve been going through a lot lately. I can’t help but wish sometimes that I’d vanish in a single snap. Haha

Wait for more… a detailed one. T___T

~ by Asian Butterfly on November 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “No Title :D”

  1. I DID wonder what had become of him…(and you) and almost assume you were busy because of him.


    • i was busy trying to find out what i want in my life. really no time for relationships right now… been hurt, can’t handle one again, or can’t take a risk now, at least not right now. 🙂 Glad to have you here again Moonlight. 🙂

  2. Vanish in a single snap — click and “Poof!”, you’re gone.
    But where’d Rhee go? Nowhere really. Now here is the thing:
    If, someday, you were to finally go, and go for good…
    for all time, would somebody else come here to break the news?
    And our hearts? How would we know? In our minds, you’d still
    be here, which is over there for most of us. Way over there.

    These are questions Uncle Tree has asked himself many times.
    I’m just saying…I know you. I remember you.
    That makes you one of me. One I’ll never ever — ever forget.
    Hate is a very strong word. Please don’t do that to yourself.

    Oh, it’s so good to be alive! 🙂 And know you are, too.
    Thanksgiving is today. I’m glad you were able to be with me.
    Our feasts, and our loves share a common bond. In gratitude,
    let us make the most of it — no matter where we are.

    Thank you, dear butterfly! God bless you.
    Happy Holidays! Wishing to bring joy to your heart,
    Truly, Uncle Tree

  3. I must say – you sound really good to me 🙂 So well done on the butterflies, hope it’ll last 🙂

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