It took years, but here it goes.

It took over two years for me to write back. Mind you, this is my first attempt to write again after the last post I made here. Yes, I know, I myself could not believe that time passed by so quickly. Two years passed, and I’ve gone through a stressful journey of trying to figure out what I want. Don’t congratulate me, I’m still lost. But I will never give up. I’d keep flying around, like a lost butterfly until I find the right flower to land on. 

I’m scared of writing again. I’m scared of writing this blog, knowing the usual people won’t be here anymore to read, but then I realized, I am writing this for myself. For me to finally let go of this blog and maybe start a new one someday. 

If you wish to keep in touch, please send me your email address and i’ll send you email for my new blog. 🙂

Thank you for everything, and I’m sorry it took two years to say goodbye.

God bless you all.

~ by Asian Butterfly on March 6, 2013.

5 Responses to “It took years, but here it goes.”

  1. I am still here…

    Welcome back.



    🙂 Welcome back, Butterfly! 🙂
    I hate goodbyes. Sighonara?

  3. yea its been long. but i hope we could still keep in touch. you know my blog and where to find me and drop me a line sometime. i wont close mine. if you like you can add me like some others did, in facebook but please identify yourself as asian butterfly or i’d be catching the wrong one! name: kris lee email:

  4. congratulations on not giving up!

  5. I can’t find your e-mail here, if you have a new blog, tell me on

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